Your healthspan - the benefits of an active lifestyle

Let's brighten things up a bit.

Stay strong for travel

There is one excellent reason to stay strong and active, and that is to extend, what has become increasingly called, your Healthspan. It's the period of time during which you enjoy good health and all the benefits that good health brings.

And what are those benefits?

If I were to start a list it would probably comprise:

  1. Travel - and the stamina to take part in day trips to interesting places.

  2. Keeping up with the kids - for those of us older parents, and those of us who are already Grandparents.

  3. Enjoying golf, surfing, cycling - whatever type of activity you decide to pursue.

  4. Mowing the lawn, washing the car, and all the other things that need doing around the house - without losing your breath.

  5. Not feeling like you have to take an afternoon nap every day.

What are your reasons for staying strong?

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