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Natural protein supplements to help you make the most of your active lifestyle.

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As you get over the age of 40, it gets harder to maintain muscle mass, tone and strength.


The gradual loss of muscle is a normal part of the ageing process, but it can result in muscle weakness, poorer coordination and a loss of balance, increasing the risk of falls, fractures and frailty, leading to a loss of mobility, loss of independence anda poorer quality of life.


It's due to things we can’t control like hormonal changes and reduced absorption of dietary protein, but it’s also because we tend to eat less and exercise less, and this can put us at greater risk of other age-related health conditions like obesity, osteoporosis andtype 2 diabetes.



researchers know that consuming that the right amount of the right kind of protein directly after resistance training can be an effective strategy to build or maintain lean muscle mass.


Bodybuilders and athletes know it – that’s why you see them drinking protein shakes - but the people that could benefit the most, adults over the age of 40, are neglected. There are simply no protein supplements designed for their specific needs.


You see it’s not the protein itself that’s important, but the amino acid composition. One branched chain amino acid (BCAA) in particular, leucine, helps your body repair and grow muscle tissue. 


But there's a catch: the older you are, the more leucine you need to trigger muscle protein synthesis. If you don’t get enough leucine in your diet, then you will struggle to maintain muscle mass, tone and strength. 


If you want to stay strong, choose a protein supplement designed for your age.  


Muscle Maintenance from Adalin Health + Nutrition, is an all-natural high leucine whey protein isolate. No artificial ingredients, no fillers or thickeners, no sugar, no crazy flavours. Natural, clean and just three ingredients: high leucine whey protein isolate, natural flavour and natural stevia leaf extract for sweetness.